OCaml Users and Developers Workshop 2011

Paris, France
15 Apr 2011
Workshop Date

This event will take place in Paris. The venue is in Telecom ParisTech (former ENST, the place of the first OCaml Meeting).

Questions and contact

If you have any queries or suggestions for the workshop, please contact Didier Remy (first.last@inria.fr) or Anil Madhavapeddy (first.last@cl.cam.ac.uk).

All Presentations

Title Authors Resources
OCamlCore.org news and projects Sylvain Le Gall
Compiling Ocaml bytecode to Javascript Jérôme Vouillon Link
OCAPIC: programming PIC microcontrollers with Objective Caml Benoît Vaugon, Philippe Wang Link
Developing Frama-C Plug-ins in OCaml Julien Signoles Link
Client/server Web applications with Eliom Vincent Balat
MirageOS Anil Madhavapeddy Link
Using OCaml to generate 198,278 lines of C Richard Jones Link
OCaml annual report Xavier Leroy
JoCaml Luc Maranget Link
The Eternal Solution for Memoisation: Ephemerons François Bobot Link
OASIS-DB: a CPAN for OCaml Sylvain Le Gall Link
Ideas for a Modern OCaml Web Portal Ashish Agarwal Link

Workshop Details

Organising Committee
Sylvain Le Gall, Dario Teixeira, Pierre Chambart (chambart AT crans.org), Paolo Herms
Program Committee