Ocaml-lsp 1.17.0

We are pleased to announce the release of OCaml LSP 1.17.0. This version comes packed with fixes and new features.

Notable features that come in this release include:

  • Compatibility with Odoc 2.3.0: This version is fully compatible with Odoc 2.3.0, introducing support for the latest syntax features like tables and "codeblock output."
  • New Actions for Code Cleanup: You can now mark or remove unused elements such as 'open', types, for loop indexes, modules, match cases, 'rec', and constructors, making your code cleaner and more efficient.
  • Auto-completion for 'in' Keyword: To address the long standing issue of the in keyword completing to other terms in the editor, we've added auto-completion for this keyword in OCaml LSP. Typing in will now only suggest auto completion for the in keyword.
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  • Fix missing super & subscripts in markdown documentation. (#1170)
  • Do not invoke dune at all if --fallback-read-dot-merlin flag is on. (#1173)
  • Fix semantic highlighting of infix operators that contain '.'. (#1186)
  • Disable highlighting unit as an enum member to fix comment highlighting bug. (#1185)
  • Improve type-on-hover and type-annotate efficiency by only formatting the type of the first enclosing. (#1191, #1196)
  • Fix the encoding of URI's to match how vscode does it (#1197)
  • Fix parsing of completion prefixes (#1181)


  • Compatibility with Odoc 2.3.0, with support for the introduced syntax: tables, and "codeblock output" (#1184)
  • Display text of references in doc strings (#1166)
  • Add mark/remove unused actions for open, types, for loop indexes, modules, match cases, rec, and constructors (#1141)
  • Offer auto-completion for the keyword in (#1217)