Opam-publish 2.3.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of opam-publish 2.3.0.

This release, apart from a couple of light improvements, mainly consists of the following new option:

  • You can now use opam-publish with the --no-confirmation argument for use in automated pipeline. Use this option with extreme caution if you do use it.

The full changelog is available below.

Enjoy, The opam team

See full changelog
  • Add a new --no-confirmation argument for use in automated pipeline [#158 @AltGr - fix #132]
  • Improve the error message when a file expected to be an opam file is given as argument [#150 @kit-ty-kate - partially fix #149]
  • Adopt the OCaml Code of Conduct [#151 @rikusilvola]
  • Changes the makefile to make sure the standard "make && make install" works [#157 @kit-ty-kate]