Merlin 4.10

We're thrilled to announce the release of Merlin 4.10, which comes with many bug fixes and improvements.

One of the standout features of this release is the significantly enhanced support for binding operators like let+ and and+. You'll find that the results from type-enclosing on expressions that contain let bindings are now more precise.

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  • merlin binary
    • Constrain socket path buffer size to avoid build warnings (#1631)
    • Handle concurrent server start (#1622)
    • Omit module prefixes for constructors and record fields in the construct command (#1618). Prefixes are still produced when warning 42 (disambiguated name) is active.
    • Correctly invalidate PPX cache when pipeline ran partially (#1650, fixes #1647)
    • Prevent short-path from looping in some cases related to recursive type definitions (#1645)
    • Support parsing negative numbers in sexps (#1655)
    • Fix construct not working with inline records (#1658)
    • Improve behavior of type-enclosing on let/and operators (#1653)
    • Fix occurrences of extension constructors (#1662)
    • Improve node selection when ghosts are present (#1664, fixes #1660)
  • editor modes
    • emacs: call merlin-client-logger with "interrupted" if the merlin binary itself is interrupted, not just the parsing of the result (#1626).
    • emacs: merlin-construct, with a prefix argument, now includes local values in the completion options. Alternatively, this behavior can be enabled permanently by customizing merlin-construct-with-local-values (#1644)
    • emacs: add support for opam-switch-mode (#1654, fixes #1591). See