Dune 3.10.0

We're happy to announce the release of Dune 3.10.0. It comes with some internal fixes as well as some interesting features:

  • some changes in dune describe that will allow a better implementation of opam-dune-lint to check the consistency between library and package dependencies
  • more commands made available under dune show for a more consistent command line interface
See full changelog


  • Add dune show rules as alias of the dune rules command. (#8000, @Alizter)

  • Add dune show installed-libraries as an alias of the dune installed-libraries command. (#8135, @Alizter)

  • Add dune build --dump-gc-stats FILE argument to dump garbage collection stats to a named file. (#8072, @Alizter)

  • Add dune describe package-entries to print all package entries (#7480, @moyodiallo)


  • Fix %{deps} to expand properly in (cat ...) when containing 2 or more items. (#8196, @Alizter)

  • Fix the severity of error messages sent over RPC which was missing. (#8193, @Alizter)

  • Fix bug with ppx and Reason syntax due to missing dependency in sandboxed action (#7932, fixes #7930, @Alizter)


  • Improve dune describe external-lib-deps by adding the internal dependencies for more information. (#7478, @moyodiallo)

  • Re-enable background file digests on Windows. The files are now open in a way that prevents race condition around deletion. (#8262, fixes #8268, @emillon)