Dune 3.4.0

On behalf of the dune team, I’m pleased to announce the release of version 3.4.0.

Bug fixes, a couple new features, better hints and error messages - I won't restate what's in the changelog below. Thanks to everyone involved in this release!

See full changelog
  • Make dune describe correctly handle overlapping implementations for virtual libraries (#5971, fixes #5747, @esope)

  • Building the @check alias should make sure the libraries and executables don't have dependency cycles (#5892, @rgrinberg)

  • [ctypes] Add support for the errno parameter using the errno_policy field in the ctypes settings. (#5827, @droyo)

  • Fix dune coq top when it is invoked on files from a subdirectory of the directory containing the associated stanza (#5784, fixes #5552, @ejgallego, @rlepigre, @Alizter)

  • Fix hint when an invalid module name is found. (#5922, fixes #5273, @emillon)

  • The (cat) action now supports several files. (#5928, fixes #5795, @emillon)

  • Dune no longer uses shimmed META files for OCaml 5.x, solely using the ones installed by the compiler. (#5916, @dra27)

  • Fix handling of the (deps) field in (test) stanzas when there is an .expected file. (#5952, #5951, fixes #5950, @emillon)

  • Ignore insignificant filesystem events. This stops RPC in watch mode from flashing errors on insignificant file system events such as changes in the .git/ directory. (#5953, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix parsing more error messages emitted by the OCaml compiler. In particular, messages where the excerpt line number started with a blank character were skipped. (#5981, @rgrinberg)

  • env stanza: warn if some rules are ignored because they appear after a wildcard rule. (#5898, fixes #5886, @emillon)

  • On Windows, XDG_CACHE_HOME is taken to be the FOLDERID_InternetCache if unset, and XDG_CONFIG_HOME and XDG_DATA_HOME are both taken to be FOLDERID_LocalAppData if unset. (#5943, fixes #5808, @nojb)