Ppxlib 0.25.1

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  • Update expansion context to leave out value name when multiple are defined at once. (#351, @ceastlund)
  • Add support for OCaml 5.0 (#348, @pitag-ha)
  • Add Code_path.enclosing_value (#349, @ceastlund)
  • Add Code_path.enclosing_module (#346, @ceastlund)
  • Expand code generated by ~enclose_intf and ~enclose_impl (#345, @ceastlund)
  • Add type annotations to code generated by metaquot (#344, @ceastlund)
  • Fix typo in description field of dune-project (#343, @ceastlund)
  • Fix Ast_pattern.many (#333, @nojb)
  • Fix quoter and optimize identifier quoting (#327, @sim642)
  • Driver, when run with --check: Allow toplevel_printer attributes (#340, @pitag-ha)
  • Documentation: Add a section on reporting errors by embedding extension nodes in the AST (#318, @panglesd)
  • Driver: In the case of ppxlib internal errors, embed those errors instead of raising to return a meaningful AST (#329, @panglesd)
  • API: For each function that could raise a located error, add a function that return a result instead (#329, @panglesd)