Dune 3.1.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce version 3.1.0. This release contains some small, but interesting features, and some important quality of life bug fixes. I encourage everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.

Happy Hacking.

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  • Add sourcehut as an option for defining project sources in dune-project files. For example, (source (sourcehut user/repo)). (#5564, @rgrinberg)

  • Add dune coq top command for running a Coq toplevel (#5457, @rlepigre)

  • Fix dune exec dumping database in wrong directory (#5544, @bobot)

  • Always output absolute paths for locations in RPC reported diagnostics (#5539, @rgrinberg)

  • Add (deps <deps>) in ctype field (#5346, @bobot)

  • Add (include <file>) constructor to dependency specifications. This can be used to introduce dynamic dependencies (#5442, @anmonteiro)

  • Ensure that dune describe computes a transitively closed set of libraries (#5395, @esope)

  • Add direct dependencies to $ dune describe output (#5412, @esope)

  • Show auto-detected concurrency on Windows too (#5502, @MisterDA)

  • Fix operations that remove folders with absolute path. This happens when using esy (#5507, @EduardoRFS)

  • Dune will not fail if some directories are non-empty when uninstalling. (#5543, fixes #5542, @nojb)

  • coqdep now depends only on the filesystem layout of the .v files, and not on their contents (#5547, helps with #5100, @ejgallego)

  • The mdx stanza 0.2 can now be used with (implicit_transitive_deps false) (#5558, fixes #5499, @emillon)

  • Fix missing parenthesis in printing of corresponding terminal command for (with-outputs-to ) (#5551, fixes #5546, @Alizter)