Ppxlib 0.21.0

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  • Fix ppxlib.traverse declaration and make it a deriver and not a rewriter (#213, @NathanReb)
  • Driver (important for bucklescript): handling binary AST's, accept any supported version as input; preserve that version (#205, @pitag-ha)
  • -as-ppx: take into account the -loc-filename argument (#197, @pitag-ha)
  • Add input name to expansion context (#202, @pitag-ha)
  • Add Driver.V2: give access to expansion context in whole file transformation callbacks of register_transformation (#202, @pitag-ha)
  • Driver: take -cookie argument into account, also when the input is a binary AST (@pitag-ha, #209)
  • run_as_ppx_rewriter: take into account the arguments -loc-filename, apply and dont-apply (#205, @pitag-ha)
  • Location.Error: add functions raise and update_loc (#205, @pitag-ha)