Dune 1.3.0

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Dune 1.3.0. This release does not contain many features, but it does contain a few important bug fixes. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

Happy Hacking.

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  • Support colors on Windows (#1290, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow dune.configurator and base to be used together (#1291, fix #1167, @jeremiedimino)

  • Support interrupting and restarting builds on file changes (#1246, @kodek16)

  • Fix findlib-dynload support with byte mode only (#1295, @bobot)

  • Make dune rules -m output a valid makefile (#1293, @jeremiedimino)

  • Expand variables in (targets ..) field (#1301, #1320, fix #1189, @nojb, @rgrinberg, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix a race condition on Windows that was introduced in 1.2.0 (#1304, fix #1303, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix the generation of .merlin files to account for private modules (@rgrinberg, fix #1314)

  • Exclude the local opam switch directory (_opam) from the list of watched directories (#1315, @dysinger)

  • Fix compilation of the module generated for findlib.dynload (#1317, fix #1310, @jeremiedimino)

  • Lift restriction on copy_files and copy_files# stanzas that files to be copied should be in a subdirectory of the current directory. (#1323, fix #911, @nojb)